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I do not support or endorse any 3rd Party Sites.

The were given to me as being useful for teaching ESL.

If you know of other sites or find errors, please let me know!



Audio files and worksheets to play and/or download for various topics.

The site is a partner with:






About ESL

This site has a list of resources, ideas about teaching techniques, lesson plans, ideas for young learners, links to other ESL/EFL sites, a job board, ideas for using CALL and a chat board.



On-Line ESL activities and quizzes.




Make random BINGO cards based on your word list


Camp Cheers



Handouts, worksheets and activities


Dream English

This site has easy songs and chants for learning English, math and other topics. Songs are mostly for Pre-K-2 grade. The site is in partnership with MES-English.com, FreeABCSongs.com, KidsEnglishBook.com and 123Listening.com. Songs are FREE to download but the start of each song has a Notice: “Song Title by Dream English”. The copyright says you can use the material for your class but cannot post it on another site.


EFL Playhouse

Many teaching resources for younger learners.


__EFL__ __WEB__ This site has a job board, teaching resources (including materials and exercises), a chat room, a discussion board where teachers can share experiences and a list of up-coming conferences and exhibitions.


Enchanted Learning

Many resource pages and materials. The site does require a paid membership fee to access some material.


English Learner Resources for teachers of English: resources for your students, warmers, writing activities, speaking activities, links. Small but GOOD selection of ideas in two areas: warmers and writing activities.


English-2-Go This site requires membership of either: GOLD ($150/yr.), Silver ($90/yr.) or Bronze ($24/yr.). There is a “Monthly” option as well. Lots of lesson ideas / worksheets


ESL Cafe (DAVE’s ESL Café)Lots of lesson ideas in all areas (pronunciation, speaking, holidays, etc.)


ESL Kids

Resources for younger learners.

Flashcards, Links to other sites, Ideas, activities and songs


ESL Lounge Lesson plans, materials, games, song lyrics, a forum where teachers share their experiences, a discussion forum and book suggestions can be found here.


ESL Party Land

This site has lesson plans, materials, and discussion forums, ideas for activities, a chat room and a job board.


ESL Printables

This is an ESL resource sharing site. However, in order to GET, you need to GIVE. You must contribute to the site by creating resources to share. You need to register.


ESL Printables

This is an ESL resource sharing site. However, in order to GET, you need to Give. You must contribute to the site by creating resources to share. You need to register.


ESL Training Services

This site contains links to books and videos by Glenda Reece on ways to teach ESL.



ESL Teacher Talk

This site has ideas on how to teach. It has premade worksheets, worksheet generators, Flashcards, ideas for games and videos. There are discussion boards for sharing ideas and concerns. It also links with DreamEnglish.com, MES-English.com, 123Listening.com, FreeABCSongs.com, and ToolsForEducators.com


Free ABC Songs

This site is in partnership with DreamEnglish.com. There are also videos posted on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/dreamenglishkids



Links to K-6 Reading Materials.  FREE EDUCATOR account

Global ESL

Included on this site is a list of jobs, some VERY useful information about specific countries, discussion forums and an events directory.


Grade Level Lessons

This site is designed for Library research and has activities and links for Grade-Levels K-6, Holidays and special events.


Highlights Children’s Magazine

On-line reading stories and activities for the Highlights Magazine.



This site is Math based. It has questions for all grade levels about various Common Core Standards and objectives. On-line questions that you answer to get a “Score”.


Kids English Book

This site has simple reading books to be printed, read on line or used with the audio files. It is a partner site with DreamEnglish.com, 123Listening.com and FreeABCSongs.com.





This site is a PAID membership site with many resources for teaching.



MES English

This site has resource pages to print and links to other sites.

MesCards.com, FunFonix.com, ToolsForEducatiors.com,

123Listening.com, StickersandCharts.com, ESLHQ.com.



One Stop English

Solutions for teaching English: free resources, professional support, a lesson share archive and much more.


PBS Kids PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) – Good activities and games for reading. WordWorld is a really great part of the site.


QUIA This site allows you to play games that teachers have created and made public. For a Yearly fee, you can create your own games and activities (and copy other games into your site)

http://www.QUIA.Com/Web __Link to a private page____:__ http://www.quia.com/profiles/ntomboulian

Room 108

This site has games and activities for Elementary school level students.


Spelling City

This site allows you to create word lists. There is a large resource library you can extract, load and customize. You can: assign parts of speech, use the word in a sentence and define the word. You need to register but it is FREE. You can also pay for a PREMIUM membership. The site will Spell the words, and read the sentences and definitions. You can play activities (matching, fill in the sentence, concentration, hangman, alphabetize, word search and printables for sentence writing and handwriting).




Learning to Read materials. Used by many schools systems. To access the full version, you must have a PAID membership but there are many free activities available.


SuperSummary (Reading Comprehension)


TEFL Pit Stop

Games, free book samples, contributions, miscellaneous, links. GOOD game activities and ideas.


Tools For Educators

This site will allow you to select words from various lists and categories to create: word search games, BINGO cards, mazes, spelling sheets, game boards, dice, dominoes, worksheets for 123Listening, and writing worksheets.

It DOES NOT save the games.

Vocabulary Sets: adjectivesanimalsbody partschoresChristmasclassroomclothing & accessoriescountriesdaily activitiesEasterfamilyfeelings/emotionsfoodfruitHalloweenhealthinsectsmonthsmusicnaturenumberspeoplephonicsplacesprepositionsschoolscienceshapes & colorssportsSt. Patrick's DayThanksgivingvegetablesValentine's Dayverbsweather





ESL lessons, Music, Clipart, Links to other sites (QUIA.com/web, SpellCity.com).


Publishers and Books. Commercial Sellers and Resources

Warehouse of Products http://www.esl.net/
Multiple publishers

LuLu **http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/eteams**

Clear Speech http://www.esl.net/clear_speech.html


Side-By-Side Pearson http://pearsonschool.com/index.cfm?locator=PSZoCo






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