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The content in this materials has not been edited. It was developed in 2014 for work in Kazakhstan and has specific references to cities, landmarks, food and money!
TEACHER Material and STUDENT material are mixed in each lesson.
WORD files are in "A4" paper format.
Most font is Times New Roman. Some of the lessons are much better prepared than others.

Most of the lessons have a "SONG" students listen to and fill in missing words. There is no #46 or $47.


EC01_Body_Parts.docx EC02_Friendship.docx EC03_Christmas.docx

EC04_Prejudice_&_MLK_Day.docx EC05_Everyday_Problems.docx EC06_Advice.docx

EC07_Weather.docx EC08_Stages_In_Life.docx EC09_Crime.docx

EC10_Describing_Inventions.docx EC11_Describing_People.docx EC12_Describing_Places.docx

EC13_Describing_Character.docx EC14_Hypethetically_Speaking.doc EC15_Telephone_Instructions.docx

EC16_Body_Actions.docx EC17_Sickness.docx EC18_Seasons.doc

EC19_Travel.docx EC20_Injuries.docx EC21_Advertisements.docx

EC22_Manners_&_Etiquette.docx EC23_Dilemmas.docx EC24_Sports.docx

EC25_Possessions.docx EC26_Exaggerating.docx EC27_Fears.docx

EC28_Chores_&_Housework.docx EC29_ValentinesDay.docx EC30_Laws.docx

EC31_Comfort_&_Encouragement.docx EC32_Jobs.docx EC33_Pranks.docx

EC34_Habits.docx EC35_Amer-Brit_Words.docx EC36_Money.docx

EC37_Birthdays_and_Toasts.docx EC38_Celebrities.docx EC39_LQ_Introduction.docx

EC40_LQ_Loyalty.docx EC41_LQ_Organizations.docx EC42_LQ_Goals.docx

EC43_LQ_Ethics.docx EC44_Food.docx EC45_House.docx

EC48_MV_Peacemaking.docx EC49_Phrasal Verbs_2.docx EC50_MV_Humility.docx

EC51_MV_Kindness.docx EC52_MV_Contentment.docx EC53_Emotions.docx

EC54_Animals.docx EC55_Black American English.docx EC56_Disasters.docx

EC57_Women's_Day.docx EC58_4th of July.docx EC59_Wedding_Cerermony.docx


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